Charity Chapel’s Prison Ministry shares the love of Jesus Christ with men behind prison walls; in state and federal prisons and local jails.

Visits are scheduled for the third Sunday of every month.

Ministry opportunities: Numerous opportunities are available for those who wish to become involved in prison ministry. If you are interested in Prison Ministry please contact David Foote (850) 944-5520 for more information.

Our mission is to:

  • Equip and encourage volunteers, ministries, churches, and other organizations to join in the effort to positively impact America‚Äôs prison system.
  • Assist prison chaplains and officials in addressing the key factors leading to crime – moral issues, education, skills, and relationships.
  • Impact and change the lives of inmates by introducing them to the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.
  • Ultimately reduce the number of inmates who return to a life of crime after incarceration (currently more than two-thirds of released inmates).