Our History

September 23, 1975   A group of believers met together for prayer and fellowship.  The first prayer meeting was at the home of Glenn & Judy Sizemore on Chicago Ave.  Shirley Lundy remembers, “We were just hungry for God”. Some came to realize that God was calling them to form a new congregation in Pensacola.  Faye Dorman remembers, “We were changed.  I received a healing and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit all in one day.”

November 11, 1975   8th prayer meeting at the home of Wilton & Edna Barnes.  At this meeting Jack Coppenger was called as pastor.  Genesis 29:8

November 19, 1975   Charity Chapel met for the first Sunday service in the home of Glenn and Judy Sizemore.  The Pastor of this new congregation was Jack Coppenger.  Jack passed away on Feb. 19, 1993. The first service at this location was held at night by the light of kerosene lanterns. The people that met were so happy to be able to worship God that they were not concerned by the problem of “no electricity”.

November 30, 1975   First Sunday School at the home of Glenn & Judy Sizemore.

January 8, 1976   The property at 5820 Montgomery Ave. was purchased.


Charity Chapel 1976

The first four men to serve this congregation as Elders were Jack Coppenger, G.H. “Bill” Plant , Glenn Sizemore  and Marc Seymour.

March 28, 1976   Charter Sunday

Eddie, Jacquie and Eric Hinote came to Charity Chapel.  Eddie Hinote served as Charity’s second Pastor until June 1, 1979.  Eddie is currently serving as the Senior Pastor of Mission Fellowship Church in Buda, Texas.

June 8, 1979   Michael and Pam came to Charity Chapel to serve as the Senior Pastor of this congregation.  They have three sons – Jeff, Ben & Matt.

July 1982   Purchased land for $8,500 and spent $1,500 to clear land where the gold building was built.  Charity Chapel had saved $10,000 to purchase additional property.  The gold building cost nearly $75,000 at an interest rate of 17%.  Approximately sixty people attended services in the new gold building.

Later, an addition of 25 feet was added on to the east end of the gold building, which included a baptismal pool.

The congregation eventually overflowed the building, so the offices were moved across the street to a rental house trailer at 5808B Dallas Avenue, which was owned by Mr. & Mrs. Mack Sapp.  (This is part of the property that was purchased in May, 1995.)

After a 3-4 year search for more property, the decision was made to purchase the land that thirty trailer homes sat on (which connected with the original property), at a cost of $170,000.  This site is where the present auditorium is located.  God spoke to Pastor Mike “you build it, you will pay for it, I build it, I will pay for it.” Ed and Ann Beck donated $60,000 of the property back to the church.  The trailers were removed and the land was cleared.

September 15, 1986   Brenda Wolfe was employed as Church Secretary.  Brenda remembers, “How rapidly the congregation grew and how the Lord, in His great wisdom, blessed Charity Chapel on ‘Miracle Day’.”

May 6, 1988   Charity Chapel “Miracle Day”.  A financial miracle of $715,805.10 was anonymously given to the church.  Pastor Jerry drove into Pensacola that day from Texas seeking God’s direction for his life and ministry.  Pam “miraculously” directed him to their home at the same time Pastor Mike was receiving the financial miracle.  This money enabled the building of our main auditorium and offices as well as bringing Jerry and Jan on staff.

August 15, 1988   Jerry and Jan Ireland became part of our church family.  Jerry serves as Associate Pastor.

April 1989   We “broke ground” for the present auditorium.

January 18, 1990   The present auditorium was completed and that night we had our first service with a concert by “Harvest”.  Jerry Ireland remembers, “We used every pew and chair that we had in the building to seat the crowd.” We transferred from the gold building into the new auditorium with an average attendance of 185 people.


February 25, 1990   Dedication Sunday for our auditorium and offices.

May 26, 1991   Homecoming Service with Ben Kinchlow our special speaker.

1990   The original white building was sold to another congregation.

October 6, 1992   G.H. “Bill” Plant went “home to heaven” after serving the Lord all of his life. Bill had served the Lord faithfully for 17 years at Charity Chapel as an Elder, church treasurer and as the Administrative Pastor.

November 15, 1992   Joe Nettleton began serving this congregation as an Associate Pastor.  Joe, his wife, Donna and their daughters, Susan, Sheryl and Jennifer became part of this congregation in August, 1988.

Easter 1993   Completion of new wings.  Northwest Florida Spanish Church began to meet on our campus with two autonomous congregations sharing the facility.

June 1993   Dedication of educational wing in memory of Bill Plant for dedicated service, leadership and vision.

1994   FireHouse Neighborhood Ministries was started under the leadership of Tony Faircloth.  This is an outreach to our neighborhood children.

May 31, 1995   Purchased the Sapp Property at 5806 & 5808 Dallas Avenue for $65,000. It includes 2 lots, a three bedroom/two bath brick home with a detached garage and two house trailers.  The brick home is currently being used as a rental property.

May 1996   Purchased 2 house trailers on South West corner of property and remodeled them to be used as missionary guest housing.

October 1997   We began Bellview Fall Family Festival (a neighborhood outreach fun day) which was an annual event for the next 8 years.

April 1, 1999   Joe Nettleton left our staff to be the Director of U.S. Ministries for Elim Fellowship based in New York.  He is overseer of 900 credential holders.

April 13, 1999   Mary Wales came on staff.  Mary serves as the Children’s Ministries Co-ordinator. 

February 17, 2000   We closed on the purchase of property at 3100 Boulder Ave. (brick house) and 5815 Montgomery Ave. (double lot and double-wide mobile home) at a cost of $134,963 at 7% interest.  These properties are presently being used as rental properties.

July 20, 2000   We closed on the purchase of property at 2400 Houston (house and trailer) and 5807 Montgomery Ave. (single trailer) at a cost of $45,000.

June 5, 2002   We purchased the property at 5810 Dallas Ave. for the cost of $25,000.  The house was demolished.

August 26, 2003   Brandon & Lori Harvey came on staff as our Youth Pastors.

September 15, 2004   Hurricane Ivan demolishes the west wing and nursery areas and the roof peeled off of the Sanctuary necessitating over $500,000 in repairs.  We were blessed to have an insurance deductible of $500.  BFC Builders was our contractor to get us back in our building.  We met in the Gold Building (our old sanctuary/fellowship hall until we were able to go back to the main Sanctuary.

February 27, 2005   Began double services in the Gold Building.

July 24, 2005   First Service back in our restored Sanctuary.  Lynn DeShazo and a special musical team were the first ministry as we began again.  We were blessed with new pews, new carpet, new sound system and much needed renovation of the auditorium nursery and west wing.

October 30, 2005   30th Anniversary – Theme “Great is Thy Faithfulness”. Tim & Reneé Tima-an put together a CD of people through the years at Charity.  We had a fantastic BBQ dinner under the big tent in the front parking lot.

June 7, 2009   Senior Pastor Michael & Pam Collins celebrate 30 years of God’s Faithfulness at Charity Chapel.

December 31, 2009   Secretary Brenda Wolfe retired after 23 years of faithful service.

March 24, 2010   Purchase of Coventry House – 5452 Coventry Avenue. Guest Trailer for our coming German intern and ministry guest.

April 22, 2010   Brandon Harvey resigned as student ministries pastor after 7 years of faithful service.

March 24, 2013   Dedication of Guest Missionary House at 5810 Dallas Avenue.

August 11, 2013   Celebration of Jerry & Jan Ireland 25 years at Charity Chapel and 40 years of ministry.

March 9, 2014   The church voted to purchase the property at 5805 Montgomery Avenue for a price of $27,479.49.  This gives us contiguous property for our use.

April 20, 2014   Dedication of 5815 Montgomery Avenue for Missions Housing.

Church Property